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Short / Punjabi / 14 mins

Featuring: Sukhjinder Kaur

Cinematography: Avinash Roy

Sound Design: Vivek Sachidanand

Music: Tajdar Junaid

Produced by: Avinash Roy

Written, Edited & Directed by Jasmine Kaur Roy

New York Indian Film Festival 2022

19th Indian Film Festival Stuttgart 2022

International Film Festival of South Asia Toronto 2022

Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2022

5th South Asian Short Film Festival 2022, Kolkata

Bengaluru International Short Film Festival 2022

Imagine India International Film Festival 2022, Madrid

Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival 2022

Dharamshala International Film Festival 2022

South Asian Film Festival of Montreal 2023

15th Habitat Film Festival 2023

Fear and insecurity plague the mind of 73 year old Raavi as she finds herself trapped in her own home. While she wallows in the misery of her confinement, some scraps of memories float from a distant past and find release. The past and present fuse seamlessly and suffering acquires a new meaning.

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