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A collaboration between Jasmine Kaur Roy and Avinash Roy, Wanderlust Films is an exploration of art and cinema. The duo seek to tell stories of our times and bring forth voices that have largely remained unheard and unsung. Under the banner of Wanderlust Films, Jasmine and Avinash have produced and directed shorts and documentaries for international organizations like UNESCO, UNDP, UN Women South Asia and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The focus of their work has been development communication and they have made films on a varied range of issues including health, education, livelihood, grassroots empowerment, human trafficking, etc. Some of their films have received prestigious awards and have been screened at reputed international film festivals.

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Jasmine Kaur Roy


Jasmine Kaur Roy is a Political Science graduate from Lady Shri Ram College and a Film and Television Institute of India alumna. She is a two time National Award winner, for her films 'Saanjh' in 2005 and 'Amoli' in 2018. Jasmine was also selected as a participant director at Berlinale Talents 2015, the talent development programme of the Berlin International Film Festival.  

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Avinash Roy

Avinash Roy is a post-graduate in History and an alumnus of the Film & Television Institute of India. He has extensive experience in producing and directing shorts and documentaries. He received the National Award for 'Best Investigative Film' for his documentary 'Amoli'. As a visual artist, Roy's love for documenting reality also extends to street photography.

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